Car Phone Holders – Why You Need One


New Zealand car phone holders are available for those who want a little something different than the ubiquitous car adapter. Many of these devices are simply for looks and don’t offer any functional benefits whatsoever, so why buy one? There are a number of reasons for choosing a holder that is unique to your vehicle. Car phone holders in NZ are custom designed to perfectly fit each vehicle, so they are safe, secure and have been specifically tested to ensure they work well. They come in a range of styles from sleek and stylish to more natured, such as the wooden style that is becoming increasingly popular amongst motorhome owners.

If you travel on a regular basis with your mobile phone, it’s especially important to purchase a holder designed to keep it safely positioned in your car. The holder helps prevent damage to the phone by securely holding it in place and also reduces the risk of having it get knocked out of the hand drive or mounted on the roof of your car. An approved car phone holder will meet certain size requirements to safely hold your phone.

Another practical reason for buying a customised car phone holder is security. Phone theft in New Zealand is a real problem, particularly on public roads. Many phones are stolen right from people’s hands without them even realising it. A holder can help prevent this because it prevents the phone from being left in the car. This ensures that it will be harder for thieves to attempt a break-in.

You may also want a customised car holder because it goes with your car’s design and colour. Some modern cars now come with their own holder, so you might prefer yours to match. For example, the new Dodge Ram car seat holder is made from high-quality ABS plastic and is available in red, black and red colours. Your Dodge Ram car holder will blend perfectly with your vehicle’s interior.

Car phone holders are usually made of strong nylon and rubberized casing, so they can withstand a lot of pressure. They are usually supplied with a mounting plate that screws into the dashboard, so you needn’t bother with tools or nuts and bolts. The phone’s base is supported by a steel bar that can also be screwed into the dash. Holders are often available in a range of sizes to accommodate both regular and mobiles. The most common sizes for holders are large, medium and small.

A car phone holder that has a built-in clip-on keyboard is a good option if you frequently travel with your phone. Most holders will have a built-in keyboard tray. However, a portable phone holder with a keyboard tray that can be clipped onto your belt is also a good alternative. If you frequently use a laptop computer, you should consider one of the many tablet PC holders that are now available. These allow you to place the computer screen, keyboard and all its accessories within easy reach of your car seats.

A number of holders come with built-in video monitors. As well as enabling you to use the phone without having to hold it, they can also increase the viewing area of your screen. These holders are available in different shapes and designs to fit in with your overall interior design theme. You can also change their position to ensure that you are viewing the phone from a different angle.

When you have a portable phone in your car, you need to keep it secure. Most car phone holders are large and sturdy to ensure that they are able to withstand the weight of even the largest phone. The most common designs are made of sturdy nylon and rubberized or coated black leather. If you regularly make long distance calls, you may want to consider one of the holder that includes a built-in clip-on key chain.

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