WARM CHOCOLATE BROWNIE GF14.5with dark chocolate mousse, berry coulis & vanilla bean gelato

APPLE & BLACKBERRY CRUMBLE GF14.5with lemon curd ice cream

VANILLA CRÈME BRÛLÉE GF14.5with strawberry & basil compote, strawberry sorbet

COCONUT PANNA COTTA GF14.5with tropical fruit salsa & toasted coconut

CITRUS CHEESECAKE GF14.5with gingernut base & lemon curd

AFFOGATO14.50Single scoop of Vanilla Bean Gelato, shot of espresso and liqueur of your choice

DESSERT COCKTAIL19Wild Turkey American Honey, creme de cacao, butterscotch, cream & garnished with shaved chocolate

CHEESEBOARD28served with fresh grapes, sweet fruit paste, crackers

30g each of Triple Cream Brie, Kawau Gorgonzola, Windy Peak Gouda

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