What Are Fall Arrest Systems?


A fall arrest system is an apparatus that is used to halt the fall of an employee on a work platform. There are two classifications of fall arrest systems: general and personal. General fall arrest systems have several components, including safety harnesses, fall arrest anchors, straps, hoist systems, and ladders. The fall arrest anchors can be either air or a weight belt.

Employers and other employees should implement fall arrest systems to prevent serious fall hazards. Workers may be able to reduce their risk of injury by using these systems to safely restrain them when in the work place. These workers may fall from heights such as 30 feet or more. The majority of accidents involving workers falling are considered “grounded” accidents rather than “vertical falls” because the worker is in a horizontal position at the time of the fall. This allows workers to adjust their weight and body posture to help them avoid serious injuries. However, when they are “vertical falls,” they are unable to do these things.

A typical vertical fall takes several factors into consideration. The worker must be moving downward at a rate equal to the force of gravity, he must remain upright, and he must remain in a position where the force of his momentum will cause him to decelerate. In order for these three factors to be met, a worker must be standing or sitting normally within the confines of his work structure. If a worker is not moving downward at a rate equal to the force of gravity, he will not fall. However, if the worker is moving downward at an accelerated rate, he will meet all three of these conditions, which are what are known as “accelerated falls.”

There are several fall arrest systems that are available to provide protection for workers when they are working in heights above normal. Workers can choose from a variety of different devices to help them maintain a safe working distance from top-story buildings. Some fall arrest systems are built into the structure of the building, while others are attached to the outside of the structure. These devices are designed to support a worker’s body while he is working up high. They usually include adjustable straps so workers can adjust their body weight and height to compensate for the added weight of the fall protection equipment. Other features may include wider belts and more secure fastening systems.

The goal of fall arrest systems is to prevent serious bodily injury or even death from falls in the workplace. The devices also can help prevent serious financial damage from workplace hazards such as fire. A worker can be injured by falling on a ladder or on a precarious work platform. He may also be unable to complete his work in the allotted time period due to a fall. Both of these can cost a company a lot of money in lost time and potential productivity. Safety guidelines have been put in place to help ensure that these types of dangers do not occur, but knowing the proper steps to take when fall protection is necessary is crucial.

The best way to protect your staff and yourself when working at heights is by installing fall arrest systems on the job site. There are many different types available, depending on the type of hazard you are facing. General fall arrest systems will keep workers from falling off ladders or working platforms. They will also keep the general public from being injured by the falling workers and general public.

Specific safety fall arrest systems can be installed on various structures to prevent falls on construction sites. These types of systems will also keep people from climbing down scaffolds, which could result in serious bodily injuries. This type of protection is important for any industrial workplace.

Many industrial workplaces will offer fall arrest systems as a part of their general safety program. By making the workers’ body support system stronger, this will help prevent accidents from occurring at work. People that have experienced an injury at work related to improper safety practices may not feel comfortable talking about it, but the truth is that it is much better to speak up than to let it happen. A strong fall restraint system will not only ensure that the worker does not suffer a debilitating injury, but will also help the employer to prevent another workplace accident from occurring.

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